Saturday, May 27, 2006

Summit on Blogging News

It hadn't occurred to me until today but the upcoming Summit on Blogging -- set for June 16 and 17, to be staged on the University of Virginia campus -- will unfold only two days after the results of the June 13th Democratic senatorial primary are known.


No doubt, the impact blogging had on those still fresh results will be a topic much in the air at The Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership's event. Hmm ... do you think there'll be any strutting going on? Maybe a little sulking, too? Blame? Declarations? A few laughs? Area political bloggers who fail to show up, so as to participate in that aspect of the bloggers confab, will be missing out on a unique opportunity.

That's in addition to the program itself, with six different panel discussions to choose from. From Sorensen, concerning the summit, here are some recent news blurbs:

May 26
Attorney General Bob McDonnell named as opening speaker.
May 17
Josh Wheeler named as speaker, attendee list posted.
May 16
Jerome Armstrong named as keynote speaker.
May 15
Gordon Morse named as speaker.
May 12
F.T. Rea, Chris Piper, and Claire Guthrie GastaƱga named as speakers.
May 11
Kenton Ngo and Jon Henke named as speakers.
May 10
Hotel information added, Bob Holsworth, Mike Shear and Daniel Glover named as speakers.

Yes, you saw it right -- SLANTblog's F.T. Rea is on the list of speakers. Actually, I've been invited to be part of a panel that will discuss and answer questions on the topic of "blogging and journalism." Here's a bit on that panel's mission from the Blog Summit's web site:

"Are bloggers journalists? Can journalists be bloggers? How can bloggers benefit from journalists, and vice versa? Take part in the discussion, make connections with political journalists, and learn how you can influence the media's coverage of state politics and get your message to a wider audience. Panelists include Daniel Glover of Beltway Blogroll, F.T. Rea, and Gordon Morse of the Hampton Roads Daily Press."

The two-day summit is open to the public. Who will be there? Those attending will include: experienced bloggers, would-be bloggers and those interested in the phenomenon of political blogging. Apparently, Virginia is a hotbed of such activity. To see an up-to-date list of the attendees, click here.

Registration costs $50. Deadline to register: June 5.

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