Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Enjoying the Moment

An outdoor concert in Shockoe Slip.
Working as a freelance photographer I’ve covered various events/stories for publishers over the years. Lots of times only one photo was used. Many times the pictures I really liked the best weren't selected because another one told the overall story better. As a rule I’ll shoot 20, knowing only one or two will make the final cut.

Well, the last series of photos I did in this space (see the Tacky Lights post below) worked out -- I actually got good feedback! Hey, and that’s all it takes.

So, here's another series. For this presentation images the public mostly missed, taken during the last year or two, have been used. Once again in spirit of the season, such as it is -- when fighting off despair is my top priority -- here are nine looks, random shots from the field, depicting Richmond females enjoying what they are doing:
The right hat -- maybe? -- at Carytown's Watermelon Festival.

The official vote-watcher at the precinct.

Doing the job at Richmond Pottery.

Write your own caption for this one.

Regan performing on Brown's Island.

Doing the job at the Siegel Center.

Did you know the local SPCA has Happy Hour parties?

A High on the Hog hug near the stage.

Why females? Since more photos must have been taken of women than any other subject, it seems fitting.


Anonymous said...

Why are you fighting off despair? What would help you in that mission?

F.T. Rea said...

anonymous: For me, despair is always lurking at this time of year. The short days and the cold are easy to blame. For a list of reasons this year has been especially tough.

Help? The list there starts with the most practical, and it goes on and on, off into the realm of the imaginary. Waiting for 2005 to go away, I’m just hunkered down, trying to believe the New Year will bring better times.

Anonymous said...

You and I conversed what I believe was a couple of years ago concerning a teacher from HCPS who was being harrassed because of coming to the defense of a student who was being abused by another teacher. Do you recall that subject? That teacher has since moved out of the area, I believe. I was and am a parent of a child with a disability and was assisting the reporting teacher with some documentation.

If you think I can help with your despair, please let me know. This time of year for me is also quite daunting but for reasons different than yours. I have three kids, two with disabilities, and a fourth joining my family 12-23. Life is crazy and I, too, will be glad when 2005 is over and all are back in school!

F.T. Rea said...

anonymous: Yes. I remember the teacher and that story. I enjoyed helping her get the word out. I hope you enjoy SLANTblog.

Try the Biograph Archives site (the link is on the SLANTblog page on the right in that list), there's a lot to read there. Most of it is light. But in one piece, called The Jellypig, I wrote about depression.

Anonymous said...

I do enjoy Slant, and am glad you keep it updated and fresh.

I enjoyed the jellypig piece and want to spend some more time on the Biograph archives.

Hope the next week and a half pass quickly for you and that 2006 will be brighter.