Friday, December 30, 2005

County Official Charged With Sexual Battery

The Richmond Times-Dispatch’s web site is reporting that yet another area public official is in trouble. Here’s part of the bewildering item:

"Chesterfield County police have arrested Edward B. Barber, 49, chairman of the county Board of Supervisors, in connection with the aggravated sexual battery of a minor. The police department announced the arrest of Barber late Thursday and gave few details initially, except to say the incident is not connected with Barber's job -- he is a physical education teacher at Crenshaw Elementary School in the county. The press release did not say when or how the arrest was made. Barber is charged with one count of aggravated sexual battery and one count of object sexual penetration."

Dec. 31 Update: Yesterday a blog called GOTV linked to this post and thus caused me to write the comment below, which is posted at the GOTV site:

"That this post [at GOTV] is linked to SLANTblog for the story, makes me feel obliged to comment in this space [in GOTV comments]: First, the original news story came from the Richmond Times-Dispatch, as indicated by the link I posted yesterday afternoon on SLANTblog. But by picking it up from my post, GOTV might cause a reader to assume that I have in some way endorsed the bizarre twist GOTV gave to the story.

"So, to put the record straight SLANTblog in NO WAY approves of your labeling Mr. Barber as a 'Republican,' much less a, 'Republican who hurts children,' as you did originally. Furthermore, while your 'GOTV blog regrets the error' apology may cover the silly mistake you made in your headlong rush to accuse a political opponent you know nothing about of a heinous crime, why are you failing to apologize for the outrageous tactic to use the story to tar all Republicans, in the first place?

"Have you no standards of decency?

"Rather than energize people to get involved in public affairs, your style discourages the very thing you seem to want -- to get out the vote -- because it is such a turn-off. As a guy who has been hammering Republicans for decades for their bad policies, bad execution, and so forth, I want nothing to do with your low-road way of playing politics. I hope I’m not alone."


kilo said...

You are so right, pardon the pun.

Anonymous said...

a elementary PE teacher is chair of Chesterfield's BOS?

The Richmond Democrat said...

Well said Mr. Rea. I think Ms. Marshall should take a some time off and regain her perspective.