Monday, December 12, 2005


"Detached" is the title under which I've written a series of short stories. The art to the right was scanned from a color copy of art I did in 1995, developing a cover-art idea for the collection, which I was almost sure was being finished up then at nine stories.

At this point, a whole decade later, four stories are completed. Alas, there are another dozen, or so, in vaious stages of completion. Of them I'm guessing now, perhaps three, five at the most, will actually be finished, one day. Approaching the end of 2005, one day still seems off in the distance to the author. Let's call it a work-in progress.

So, for the time being here are links to the four that I've sworn never to rewrite, again -- all featuring Roscoe Swift as the protagonist, set between 1966 and 1985 -- which are now available online for your reading pleasure. The stories examine splinters of time, which stand out as important to Roscoe -- including: a train trip to boot camp; chasing away a hangover in a '70s saloon, J. W. Rayle; near-love and other out-of-town illusions; a battle of raging anxiety vs. sparks of dignity. They are:

Central Time
Cross-eyed Mona
Fancy Melons
Maybe Rosebud

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