Friday, December 16, 2005

Cooking Miss Buns

The Richmond Times-Dispatch is reporting on its web site that the imbroglio at the City Jail is anything but over:

"Sheriff-elect C.T. Woody and members of his transition team were turned away at the door of the Richmond City Jail this afternoon when they arrived for a pre-arranged tour. Woody and a half-dozen members of his team were met at the entrance to the East End facility at 1 p.m. by Sheriff's Capt. Brian Michaels. Woody said Michaels told him that under orders of current Sheriff Michelle B. Mitchell (pictured below in "Miss Buns Locks Up"), only Woody, not members of his team, would be allowed to tour the jail.

"'I told them I expected to tour the jail with my transition team and I'm not going in by my own self,' Woody recounted. The sheriff-elect said that he asked to speak with Mitchell, but was told Mitchell was not at the jail and had left orders with Michaels to admit no one but Woody."

The longer this situation cooks the more it smells bad. This simply can't go on. The ball is surely in Mayor Doug Wilder's court. How long will it take Hizzoner, no stranger to matters legal, to get a judge to blow the locks on Miss Buns' sealed up jailhouse? The people need to know what's going on in there.

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