Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rename park after Ralph White

In recognition of Ralph R. White’s unique contribution to the quality of life in the greater Richmond area, stemming from his valuable work to do with the James River Park, it is hereby proposed that the publicly-owned land that constitutes the park be renamed after White.

Some people think all the land along a river should be exploited to the fullest commercial potential by private owners/developers. White, 67, obviously belongs to a different school of thought. It’s hard to think of anybody in the last quarter century who has done more for the commonweal of Richmond, with less recognition and less tangible reward, than White.

Click here to read a Richmond Times-Dispatch article about White’s 32 years of work to make nature more accessible to the general public. 

After his retirement in 2013, the park he has been the good steward of should be called the Ralph White Park on the James River, or something like that. Shouldn't it?


Robyn P. said...

Ralph was a HUGE friend to the birding community who use the park to enjoy migration and the wonderful year round residents with feathers! Thanks for the update, Ralph's voice will be missed...

luray va accommodations said...

Thanks for sharing this post. It is great you are naming this park after a Great person. He is great man and worked a lot for the birds.