Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Allen vs. Kaine

Just watched the Allen/Kaine debate.


Well, I missed the first few minutes, but on what I saw I'm giving Kaine a B. And, Allen gets a C+.

Both candidates did a workman-like job of presenting their particular approach to how governments ought to work. The atmosphere was staid, they both stuck to boilerplate rhetoric. 

While Allen may have hurt himself on birth control and abortion, I was a little surprised that he did as well as he did, in general. More such mild-mannered appearances might help to start replacing the bumbling images of him from 2006. 

Perhaps, since I agree so much more with Kaine, it seemed to me he was the more effective communicator. Kaine demonstrated a firm grasp of the reasoning behind his positions.

The transmission worked fine, so the Richmond Times-Dispatch did a good job.

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