Thursday, December 08, 2011

Newt in the days of Splattergate

With Newt Gingrich surging to the frontrunner position in the field of GOP hopefuls, it takes us back to the 1990s. It takes us back to when Gingrich the would-be revolutionary lost a showdown with President Bill Clinton over shutting down the federal government. It takes us back to when Gingrich was censured for ethics violations by the House of Representatives -- the vote was a whopping 395 to 28; the fine was $300,000. 

Eventually, Gingrich's hypocrisy and hubris toppled him from his high horse. Now his candidacy is blowing the dust off of scandals aplenty, back in the day.   

In 1998, with impeachment in the air and the Clinton administration being hobbled by the probe into the nature of the president’s relationships with various women -- most notoriously, Monica Lewinsky -- I felt called upon to lampoon the scandal. So I created a series of caricatures featuring some of the main characters and wrote goofy captions for them.

That was "Splattergate," my fifth series of collectible cards on a theme. Above and below are the images that appeared on eight of the ten frames for the Splattergate cards (click on an image to enlarge it).

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