Monday, November 14, 2011

A question about the Penn State facilitating-the-predator scandal for which there is no good answer:

If Mike McQueary had walked into a room and seen Jerry Sandusky beating a cornered 10-year-old boy with a bullwhip, or a two-by-four, would McQueary have walked away? Would he have simply told his boss, Joe Paterno, something about the incident the next day and let it go at that?

After all, short of paralyzing the victim, would a beating such as that really be any less damaging to his long-term health than what is alleged to have happened?

Unfortunately, the next question has to be:

If McQueary had walked in on what one might assume was one of the most disturbing sights of his life, could he really have walked away without taking any direct action to stop the crime from continuing? So, that makes me wonder what else McQueary might have seen in his travels that would make what he claims he saw Sandusky doing to a helpless child seem like something to mostly keep quiet about?

What could possibly make the eyewitness, McQueary, opt to participate in such a coverup?

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