Friday, November 11, 2011

700,000 Americans have moved their money

A note from Markos Moulitsas of Daily Kos:
To SLANTblog,

Since September 29, at least 700,000 Americans have moved their money out of big banks and into credit unions.

The big banks say they don't care because they are getting rid of their least profitable clients. In reality, they are so freaked out by what's happening that some have locked their doors and even called the police on customers who tried to close their accounts.

Click here for ten amazing stories about big banks desperately trying to stop customers from closing their accounts. Please share the stories with a friend, too. Everyone needs to know we have the big banks on the run.

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Star Womanspirit said...

If news of the most recent behind closed doors 75 TRILLION dollar bail out of BOFA doesn't send folks running to withdraw their funds I don't know what will...Maybe the follow up of JP MORGAN following the same game plan and preparing to transfer 79 TRILLION dollars of risky derivatives to an FDIC insured division of their bank? Meanwhile the Senate Banking Committee is on board for this to happen (you haven't heard Warner doing anything on this except appreciating the loop hole laden Volcker Rule.) And the Super Committee could care less about this new burden on tax payers...they prefer to cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Sometimes I wonder what it will take to get Americans off of their sofa's and joining the Occupy movement! Yeah yeah...and there's no surprise that corporate media is reporting nothing on this latest bank bailout!! Why are Virginia's Senators going along with this? I hope you'll do some research and then ask them....