Thursday, November 03, 2011

The 99% @ City Hall

The footage for this short video piece was shot outside of Richmond, Virginia's City Hall on Nov. 2, 2011. The commentary on the demonstration at City Hall and about the Occupy/99% movement, in general, is by yours truly.

At Mayor Dwight Jones' behest, the Occupy Richmond encampment at Kanawha Plaza had been disassembled by the Richmond Police Department two days before. Nine arrests were made. The charges ranged from trespassing to being in a public park after dark.

More demonstrations in front of local branches of big banks are apparently in the works for Occupy Richmond.

Click here to view an earlier video of mine on Occupy Richmond in Monroe Park.

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Anonymous said...


The more these so called "Occupy" protests are spreading throughout the world, the more convinced I am that something very serious is about to occur. Freedom is starting to get on the nerves of the authorities.Why? Because the powerless and hopeless politicians are so scared of the ripple effect of the financial and economical crisis that they are doing what they are still able to do : maintain law and order.