Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Kaine enters Senate race

Richmond knows Tim Kaine. He was this city’s mayor on his way to becoming Virginia’s Governor. In the video above he says moving to Richmond to marry his wife was the "best decision" he ever made.

Since President Barack Obama took office Kaine has served as the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Today, with a resume as thick as a brick, Kaine, 53, announced that he will run for Virginia’s seat in the U.S. Senate that Sen. Jim Webb plans to walk away from in January of 2013.

This announcement sets up a likely clash of former governors, as George Allen is the most likely Republican candidate. And, it insures the race will receive a good deal of attention from the national press.

For Richmonders, while Kaine's quick-to-smile face is familiar, the biggest question now looms: Is Shaka Smart a Democrat or a Republican?

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