Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fan District Softball League Hall of Fame

This year the Derby Day party (the 32nd annual reunion) for the Biograph softball team and friends -- which now means almost anybody who played in the Fan District Softball League (1975-94) -- will take place on Saturday, May 7, at Shelter No. 1 in Bryan Park. The exceptions know who they are.

The Fan League established a Hall of Fame in 1986. The first class was elected by the 12-team league’s designated franchise representatives prior to the annual All-Star game/picnic. To be eligible for consideration one had to have retired and been considered as integral to the founding of the league. Ten names were selected as the first class.

The same rule held true in 1987, but by 1988 a few of those who had been inducted into the Hall had unretired and were playing again. So, in 1988 it was opened up to anyone who seemed deserving, who also had at least 10 years of Fan League experience. And, those already in the Hall got to vote from here on.

For 1989 no meeting was held and no one was voted in. In 1990, ‘91 and ‘92 additional names were added. In all, 40 players and two umpires were tapped. With the requirements as they were, the list naturally leans toward those who made significant contributions to the league’s lore in the early years of play.

The names on the FDSL HoF plaque are:

Ricardo Adams, Herbie Atkinson, Howard Awad, Boogie Bailey, Yogi Bair, Jay Barrows, Otto Brauer, Ernie Brooks, Hank Brown, Bobby Cassell, Jack Colan, Willie Collins, Dickie deTreville, Jack deTreville, Henry Ford (depicted on the right), Danny Gammon, Donald Greshham, James Jackson, Dennis Johnson (depicted top left as the batter), Mike Kittle, Leo Koury, Jim Letizia, Junie Loving, Tony Martin, Kenny Meyer, Cliff Mowells, Buddy Noble, Randy Noble, Henry Pollard, Artie Probst, Terry Rea, John Richardson, Jerry Robinson, Larry Rohr (depicted above as the pitcher), Billy Snead, Jim Story, Hook Shepherd, Pudy Stallard, Durwood Usry, Jumpy White, Barry Winn, Chuck Wrenn.

Art by F.T. Rea, the illustrations are from the Sports Fan (1977-81).

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