Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wilder's pitch (to get a job) ... another screwball

Former Mayor/Governor Doug Wilder has opined for Politico. It was an easy gig, because for Wilder no matter what the year, or situation, it's always about the same thing. Whether the topic is ostensibly the Obama administration, or elections, or the Democratic Party, or the future of this or that, it's really about the only entity that truly matters to Wilder -- himself.

Thus, Wilder's article for Politico was no different than most of his OpEd pieces for the Richmond Times-Dispatch have been -- lots of I-told-you-so.
Though I discussed with Tim what I was doing relative to the vice presidency, he and I never had any discussions as to whether he should be the national party chairman. There are several reasons why I felt then, and do now, that it is not a good fit for Tim, the party or Obama.
In other words, Kaine made a mistake -- he didn't kiss Wilder's ring and ask permission to take the job Obama had offered him. That's how Doug rolls. Click here to read Wilder's most recent attempt to be relevant.

It's almost interesting, as well, how Wilder characterized himself as a "Democrat," yet he praised himself -- surprise, surprise! -- for not backing Creigh Deeds in the gubernatorial race last year. For the most part, Wilder's expert political analysis came across as a has-been boosting Obama to fire somebody and give him a job.
-- Words and art by F.T. Rea

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