Wednesday, February 17, 2010

About Sarah's mission

Andrew Sullivan is not dismissing Sarah Palin's potential as easily as many pundits seem to be doing.
So does tomorrow truly belong to her? I refer, of course, to the former governor of Alaska, who quit when she was barely past the middle of her first term because, as she explained, she was not a quitter. I refer to the first vice-presidential nominee in modern times to run for office without holding a single press conference.
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The notion that Palin is flirting with being be a third-party candidate has a lure to it. It is hard to believe the GOP would nominate her to head up their national ticket in 2012. But it's easy to believe there will much third-party activity in the next three years. And, Palin offers the Tea Party folks a glittering celebrity on the make that would force the media to cover their activities much more thoroughly than what other fringe movements have gotten in recent elections.

Columnist Leonard Pitts urges Palin to run.
I know you're waiting for the punch line. Maybe you figure I think you'd be a weak candidate who would pave the way for President Obama's easy re-election. That's not it. No, I want you to run because I believe a Palin candidacy would force upon this country a desperately needed moment of truth. It would require us to finally decide what kind of America we want to be.
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Val said...

Candidate John McCain had a temper tantrum, and we ended up with Sarah Palin. Now everyone's trying to figure out what to do with her. Always like Leonard Pitts.

F.T. Rea said...

Sarah is the current poster-girl for what's always wrong with being too damn perky and cute.