Wednesday, February 10, 2010

All CAA team predictions

With just three weeks until the CAA announces its All-Star team, here are what seem to me to be the 15 most likely names to wind up on the conference's first and second teams:

Chaisson Allen (North'n), Kent Bazemore (ODU), Jawan Carter (Del.), John Fields (UNCW), Samme Givens (Drex.), Jamie Harris (Drex.), Gerald Lee (ODU), Cam Long (Mason), Matt Janning (North'n), Charles Jenkins, (Hof.), Robert Nwankwo (Tow.), Joey Rodriguez (VCU), Ryan Pearson (Mason), Larry Sanders (VCU), David Schneider (W&M).

Of course, there are still some important games to play. Some guys may swell up and play better than others, which might change my list. At this point I'm offering no hints about who I think is No. 15, the most likely guy to fall off the list. Click here to see the CAA's preseason All-Conference team.

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