Friday, January 30, 2009

Sunlight on CenterStage's books

Don Harrison, publisher of Save Richmond, has called upon The City of Richmond to respond to his Freedom of Information Act request to look at the financial records at CenterStage, to see what funds it actually has, and just what's going on with taxpayers' money.

In October, Richmond City Council passed an ordinance that shields the taxpayer-funded CenterStage project from the Virginia Freedom of Information Act and basic taxpayer oversight. We think that it is high time to challenge that odious piece of business.

Click here to read Harrison’s post.

Given the checkered history of the CenterStage project, one has to wonder -- why in the world did City Council pass such an ordinance? What were they thinking?

Hopefully, with Save Richmond's help, we'll now find out just what they were thinking.

Moreover, now that Mayor Dwight Jones is in office and no longer a candidate, where is he going to stand on the sunlight issue? Will he stick to the old cloistered way? Or, is he hip enough to see that times are changing.

For background on this move by Save Richmond, click here to read “Sunlight in 2009.”

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