Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Capel on recruiting Maynor to VCU

Oklahoma basketball coach (and former VCU coach) Jeff Capel on what he saw in Eric Maynor, when he first watched him play:
"The first time I saw Eric, I knew he had the potential to be special," said Capel. "There was something magical about the way he ran his team, and how he could get anywhere on the floor he wanted. He had a feel for the game and what was going on that is very rare in young players – his ability to not only see, but think 3 to 4 steps ahead, understanding game situations, etc. I also thought he had the ability to be a great on-the-ball defender because of his quickness and long arms. I'm really proud of the player that Eric has become under the guidance of Anthony Grant and his staff, and just as important, because of all the hard work Eric has put in."
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