Thursday, January 15, 2009

Positive Vibe 4th Anniversary

This reminder came in from my friend Page Wilson:

: MAX'S POSITIVE VIBE CAFE; 4th Anniversary Celebration
When: Saturday, January 17th
Where: 2825 Hathaway Rd. (Stratford Hills Shopping Center, off Forest Hill Ave.)
Admission: $10 Donation.

Their mission is to help train folks with challenges to work in the food service industry, and get real jobs. Check out the website. The food is excellent! These folks continue to grow, and we're glad to be a part of it. This Saturday, we'll all get an extra helping of music, too! I'll be Recklessly Abandoned with Jim Skelding, Charles Arthur, Brian Sulser and Jay Gillespie.

It's an all day affair. Y'all Come!


2:00 - Offering
3:00 - Susan Greenbaum
4:00 - The Taters
5:00 - Chicago Cy Taggert
6:00 - Marna & Macy
7:00 - Page Wilson w/ Reckless Abandon
8:00 - Blue Line Highway
9:00 - Gary Gerloff Band

Happy New Year! For more info: (804) 560-9622.

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