Friday, November 28, 2008

Redskins Monday night game, up close

It was about this time of year, 22 years ago, that I watched a Monday night football game from the sidelines at RFK. Having been a lifelong Redskins fan, it was a wonderful experience. That it was documented by a local television station makes it possible to see some of what happened that day.

How did this come to pass?

My good friend Chuck Wrenn suggested to a sports reporter at Channel 8 that I would be the perfect guy, when the reporter told him his station wanted to do a story on a Richmonder, who was an avid Redskins fan, going to the game. They wanted someone who could recite Redskins lore, take them to Redskins bar in DeeCee, etc.

Instead of taking the gig himself, Wrenn told them to call me. What a guy!

In the doing, I spent some time with (former Washington linebacker and still a game-day radio voice) Sam Huff before the game, listening to his war stories. I prowled around the stadium and was on the field from about three hours before the game started until it ended in a Redskins victory: Washington 14, SF 6.

There's plenty more to this story but that's for another day. In the meantime, click on the YouTube box above to facilitate remembering how it was when Washington had the best home-field advantage in the NFL.

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