Friday, November 21, 2008

GRFGA Easy Rider Cup

In local disc golf news, the Greater Richmond Frizbee-Golf Association's annual fall tournament that mimics the Ryder Cup, began this evening with nine holes of play. This is the 4th edition of the Easy Rider Cup tournament that pits the Nichs vs. the Hoppers.

As the Nichs have won all three previous tournaments, the Hoppers (some of them are pictured above in the process of a group, "Ar-r-gh!") are happy to have broken the mold and grabbed a one-and-a-half point lead after the first round's play.

This GRFGA tournament will conclude with 18 holes on Sunday, when the first nine holes will be a captain's choice round. The second and concluding round will pair up all the players in singles matches.

Update: On Sunday the Nichs came back with a fury to win the Easy Rider Cup, again: Nichs 13 points; Hoppers 10.5 points.

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