Friday, November 21, 2008

"Monerey Pop" (1967)

D.A. Pennebaker directed a film -- "Monterey Pop" -- shot in 16mm, documenting the Monterey Pop Festival, which took place over a weekend (June 16-18) that did much to give rise to calling 1967's summer the Summer of Love.

Staged in the Monterey County Fairgrounds, it was the first big outdoor rock 'n' roll festival. Shot two years before Woodstock, Pennebaker's documentary set the template for how to make such films.

The list of performers who participated in the three-day show is astounding. Nearly all of them performed for free. A good part of the proceeds were donated to charity. Lou Adler (who later produced the "The Rocky Horror Picture Show") and John Phillips (of the Mamas & the Papas) put the event together.

This post's No. 9 Show is a set of links to YouTube videos from the festival. I assume all the footage is from Pennebaker's film. While it's chilly outside, take a few minutes to hop aboard the Wayback Machine to a warm summer weekend, 41 years ago. As usual, for the best result click on the links in order.

One ... Two ... Three ... Four ... Five ... Six ... Seven ... Eight ... Nine.

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