Thursday, July 10, 2008

Photo of July 4th monkey attack?

At Dogwood Dell's July 4th extravaganza it seems a mean monkey bit a girl on her nose.

Well, I first heard about the incident a couple of days later at the Dell, when a WRIC-8 news truck appeared in the fairway of the ninth hole of the Frisbee-golf course (object golf, no baskets) I was playing with some friends. I suppose they were there to shoot some footage of the area for their story; here's a link to that story.

Since then the local blogosphere has weighed in. Click here and here.

There's even been talk of seeing the monkey walking around in Carytown, maybe even sitting in one of the area's posh eateries ... it's been suggested he was wearing a nice jacket and his hair was perfect.

With such a threat in our midst, SLANTblog wants to do its part, so we're running the photo (see above) that we received from an anonymous tipster, which purports to be documentary evidence of the assault on July 4 during the fireworks show.

Warning: If you see this monkey, no matter how he's dressed or who he's with, you should avoid sticking your nose in its face.

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