Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Memphis Rockabilly Band

"HOTH 9: I Don't Care Tonight": Shot in video with four cameras, this is a clip of the Memphis Rockabilly Band performing at High on the Hog 9 (1985). It's part of a 16-minute documentary on the annual party on Libby Hill (1977-2006) which was directed by yours truly.

The Memphis Rockabilly Band, from Boston, was fronted by Jeff Spencer. He and Bill Coover (lead guitar) are still working together. MRB was the last band to appear on the High on the Hog stage at the last party in '06.

In the late-'70s through the late-'80s, MRB frequently appeared in Richmond, perhaps most often at Hard Times, at the corner of Main and Harrison Sts.


Bruce said...

Ahh, nothin' like seeing a show at Hard Times and finishing the evening off with a bologna burger at Johnson's Burger Bar.

F.T. Rea said...


You said it!