Thursday, April 19, 2007

NBC boycott?

In response to NBC’s bad citizen act in promptly airing the Virginia Tech campus killer’s depraved promotional presentation, what if bloggers of all stripes banned together, coast-to-coast, to promote a total viewing boycott of NBC for the rest of April?

Could that happen? Would it make a difference?

There’s only one way to find out...


Lo Fleming said...

I'm so for that, how about we just boycott cable and TV for the rest of year.

I won't even go to their site. I won't even mention their name on my blog, because I don't want to drive traffic to their site (any corporate media site actually.)

Lo Fleming

Jason Kenney said...

I already don't watch too much in the way of television, but I will start an across the board ban of viewing and linking to MSNBC for a while.

F.T. Rea said...


NBC’s rush to get those images bearing its logo on the air, and out to other networks, was so wrong that it should pay a price.

And, speaking of MSNBC, think about the reaction to Don Imus’ crude remarks a couple of weeks ago. He got fired. Now, compare the damage done by Imus to the damage done by this outrageously bad decision by the same people who fired him.

Shouldn’t somebody at NBC get fired?

Well, if enough sponsors start pulling commercials, because there’s a snowballing boycott of NBC, MSNBC, et al, somebody might get fired.

Compare the disregard for the feelings of the Rutgers women’s basketball team and their families by Imus to the disregard for the feeling of the Virginia Tech community. Imus was being an obnoxious wisecracker. What was NBC being when it became a party to promulgating pictures from hell?

Ernie Brooks said...

Haven't watched a minute of NBC, or any affiliated networks, since the release of the murderer's "multi-media manifesto". I do slightly disagree as to where NBC went wrong. If some of their folks had taken a break from their business & journalism classes, and taken a course in Greek history or philosophy, they might have been aware of the trouble Ms. Pandora caused when she peaked into her version of an express mail package. Once that seal was broken there was no way those horrors were going to be held back. This is why I fault NBC more than the numerous media outlets which have also been complicent with the murderer's wishes. Wise men & women would have turned over the package to law enforcement as it was delivered - unopened.

Everyone at NBC news who checked off on this should be fired.

Ernie Brooks VPI&SU '71 & '82

Jason Kenney said...

I couldn't agree more. What MSNBC was sloppy and irresponsible journalism and your proposed series of events makes a lot more sense than what they did. When this part of the story broke, I was about to give MSNBC a lot of credit for not releasing that information, for saying that they did have it but the gave it to the authorities and I thought that meant they'd let the authorities do with it as necessary. Instead they built up their own story, gave it its own lead, and ran with it, slapping their name on every thing they could find.

MSNBC isn't alone, though. CNN played a portion of a Gov. Kaine press conference yesterday where he said releasing those photos was doing more harm than good. CNN's response was to immedeately go, "the images he is speaking of..." and start showing the images all over again!

The media is making this into something it doesn't need to be. They're making it more about the killer than the victims and sensationalizing this tragedy to where it will lose any depth or meaning and no one will be able to learn or cope. It's just another thing that happened somewhere else in the world.


Lo Fleming said...

I think we should think of a euphemism for the organization in question. With a media outlet any mention of it is good. Bad publicity can only hurt individual, but the media, well if they do horrible things what's the first thing people do? Go to their site and that's what they want.

Don't mention corporate bs media. Don't link to them? Don't even surf to them.

They are making money off the fact that the average American has absolutely no self control. Would you give a jerk on the street 25 dollars, if not thing about this? That is what you are doing every time you go to their site and mention them.

You're not missing anything pertinent watching the bs they call news these days.

Read reuters or ap, it's alot harder to write copy that's sensationalized. You can, but if you're reading, you're thinking, which is something when you're watching these news flash at NBC, MSNBC and other newsites you're not doing. There's all this silly video and commercials...

Pick up a print newspaper...I'm very pro print, because even the NY Post has more integrity than MSNBC...MSNBC tries to act like it's the news NY Post is a tabloid and they let you know...

That's what it is about, truth...where's the truth in news now?

Idiocracy, that's the future of news. Let's stop the insanity. Let's just stop watching and clicking on it.

Lo Fleming

Anonymous said...

NBC = No Bloody Conscience

xthecritic said...

We believe that the news media have a responsibility to the public to report the news. We also believe that the media have made grave errors by airing the senseless propaganda of Cho Seung-hui. By airing his videos, pictures, and written manifesto the media have caused unnecessary trauma to his many victims and their survivors. They have also endangered our society by rewarding this heinous criminal activity, which already has and will likely continue to spur copycat activities in communities across the United States and the world. If you agree with our opinions, please sign our petition requesting a public apology and admission of error from NBC News.

You can make a difference, please sign our online petition asking NBC News to stop and apologize for its reckless behavior.