Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Eyes that would follow the viewer

With SLANT coming back from its hibernation some readers may want to enhance the pleasure of reading the upcoming May issue by wearing a brand new SLANT T-shirt. Not to worry ... here’s what you need to know to make that dream come true:This is the art for the first SLANT T-shirt to be available to the T-shirt-loving public since the early-‘90s. The oil painting was done in the mid-‘90s for a SLANT calendar. My goal for that piece was to figure out how to paint eyes that would follow the viewer, no matter where he stood. We’ve all seen those paintings where the eyes seem to do that.

It was an interesting challenge and it took a lot of testing and slight changes, but I was satisfied with the result. Click here to go to F.T. Rea’s Inkbites to learn how to own a T-shirt bearing the art above.

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