Saturday, October 28, 2006

Unprincipled, small-minded, power-hungry character assassins

In what has become a gritty, no-holds-barred style fight for Sen. George Allen’s seat in the U.S. Senate the candidates’ raw character is being revealed in the crucible of the last round. Allen’s first punch thrown -- “Allen blasts Webb over his novels” -- came up from the floor to land well below his opponent’s belt. With the fight tied on the scorecards Allen’s surprise bolo punch drew a big reaction from the crowd.

Jim Webb’s supporters in the lathered up audience cried, “Foul! Low-blow!

Webb, who until this moment in the long campaign had punched and blocked punches with a steady, practiced restraint, gathered himself to respond.

Saturday afternoon at a rally in Annandale, Webb cut loose with his sharpest counterpunch of the entire fight. This time his full weight was behind the blow. The Daily Press reports, "Webb swings back at Allen’s literary criticism in Va. Senate race", by Matthew Barakat (AP):

“Democratic Senate candidate Jim Webb on Saturday offered his most stinging criticism of the campaign against Republican Sen. George Allen, as Webb sought to defend himself from criticism of sexually explicit passages in his fictional novels.

“‘I have written about what I have seen and that is the duty of a writer,’ Webb said to 300 cheering supporters during a rally at a Fairfax County middle school. ‘Maybe George Allen doesn't understand that because I'm told George Allen doesn't read books.’”

“...Webb has generally been reserved in his campaign speeches, but not so on Saturday.

“‘I’ve lived in the real world, and represented the real world in my writing. I saw its ugliness while George Allen was hanging out on a dude ranch,’ he said. [Webb] said Allen’s most recent attack ‘has shown his true character’ and said ‘government should not be in the hands of unprincipled, small-minded, power-hungry character assassins.’”

Now both fighters have been hit hard, both have been bloodied. Now they know that in the remaining time of their winner-take-all contest it will be a toe-to-toe slugfest. That means we will see which man can best stand the bright lights heat of the crucible. Whatever measure of competitive spirit still lurks in these two middle-aged former college athletes -- Allen played football; Webb was a boxer -- will be summoned and brought to bear.

All America is watching this match-up. There is a lot on the line. At this desk, I like Webb’s chances better today than I have at any point in this race.

Update: To see and hear some of Webb’s remarks in Annandale, click here for a YouTube video.
Art by F.T. Rea


Arturo said...

Nice post. It's "summoned", not "summonsed".

F.T. Rea said...


Thanks. I looked it up in my Webster's. Your spelling is there, as the preferred. Mine is too, as a second spelling, but I'm betting it's an old way.

Anyway, yours looks right on paper, so I changed it. Mine still sounds right, as a way of telling it out loud. I tend to err in that direction, especially when I'm in a hurry.

Arturo said...

Cool. Still a very good post... :-)

Anonymous said...

F. T. Rea

You ROCK!! I love it that you've taken the gloves off of yourself also.


Triscula said...

I hope Webb moves on from here to point out how stupid it is to even try to make an issue of this. Does Allen really think so little of the intellect of the voters in VA? Does he really think we're all a bunch of suckers? I think it's pretty evident that he does, and with this latest silly ploy he's tipped his hand. Webb's campaign should grab onto that like a pit bull. George Allen thinks you're a bunch of morons who can be manipulated by the most silly and transparent means. He has no respect for VA voters.

AnonymousIsAWoman said...

Great post! I loved the boxing metaphor for Webb vs. Allen. And I like Webb's chances too.