Thursday, October 26, 2006

First poll with Webb ahead of Allen

In Los Angeles the LA Times published a story on Wednesday, “Democrats’ Senate hopes lie with rural voters, poll finds,” about the latest odds the donkeys have of taking control of the U.S. Senate from the elephants on election day. It uses fresh polling numbers that support the notion a late-breaking national wave of support for the Democrats.

“Capturing a Senate majority is within the Democrats’ reach, but the party is facing potentially decisive resistance from rural voters in three critical Republican-leaning states, a series of Times/Bloomberg polls has found. If Democrats can’t break through on Nov. 7 to win the Senate races in at least two of those three states -- Missouri, Tennessee and Virginia -- they are unlikely to control the chamber.

Speaking of politics in Virginia, despite the possibility of resistance from rural voters, in Richmond the Democrat hoping to break through in the senatorial race, Jim Webb (pictured above and below to the right of Mayor Wilder), received a key endorsement from Mayor L. Douglas Wilder.

Wilder hopped on the Webb bandwagon with both feet, saying he would be campaigning actively for Webb, urging Virginians to recognize that it is indeed important that control of Congress is wrested from GOP hands. Wilder’s late-October sense of timing was supported by the aforementioned poll in the LA Times:

"In Virginia, Democrat Jim Webb led Republican Sen. George Allen, 47% to 44% ... this is the first major poll to show Webb leading Allen.”
Photos: SLANT

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Phriendly Jaime said...

Last night, Mudcat was on a CNN special focusing on the rural Democratic vote. He was awesome, and I think he can help a lot of candidates around the country with their "Southern" problems. The band that played with Jim at Shad Planking was on as well.

Apparently, he is going to be helping out John Edwards for upcoming elections. And, I am SURE he will be watching Jim Webb beat George Allen this year.