Thursday, February 16, 2006

Those Wascally Wepublicans!

Have you heard the predictable complaints from the predictable apologists for Vice President Dick "Elmer Fudd" Cheney?

Who hasn't? Like, the "liberal media" is hammering the poor Veep, blowing the accidental shooting incident up. Cheney's unlucky hunting companion, Harry Whittington, was only “peppered,” why won’t the story go away? Cheney only had a beer, maybe two. You know Aaron Burr did much worse in his day, etc.

No. Sorry apologists, this is a story with lo-ong legs. And, if watching what has gone around for years come back around onto the Bush administration is fun for some people, maybe there are good reasons. To understand better what I'm getting at, I’ll defer to columnist Georgie Anne Geyer. Once again, she is on target with her commentary:

"It has been said often enough that this administration is abnormally secretive, suspicious and surreptitious in its dealings with the world; but really, it's much worse than that. They have so closed themselves off from any position or idea not their own that they have become almost a American-style budding Kremlin. Virtually nobody has any access to the vice president's huge, but silent, staff and his unprecented counter-national security staff. Almost no reporters now speak to the vice president, in contrast to earlier days when many of us had at least some access. (I remember one lunch with him and a prominent congresswoman when Cheney spoke not a single word!)

"From this White House, everything comes down from on high. Mount Olympus is the altitude of the west and east wings, and Moses coming down from the mountain with his pesky and fearsome commandments is the iconic image all strive to emulate."

Of course, the official Texas-style investigation has cleared the less-than-on-target vice president of whatever he needs clearing of, or from.


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