Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Shaking It Up

At Save Richmond Don Harrison offers his view of Paul Goldman’s departure. In what should come as no real surprise to those familiar with Save Richmond, Harrison disagrees somewhat with the Richmond Times-Dispatch’s corporate take on this story. Harrison writes:

“Someone needs to set the record straight -- Paul Goldman’s main crime was not that he was hard to get along with. He just didn’t suffer fools gladly. More pointedly, he challenged the behind-the-scene wheeler-dealers who have heretofore dictated how Richmond should be run. So he had to go.

“...For all of his rumpled sportcoats and distinct mannerisms, for all his battles with Carol Wolf and Manoli Loupassi, for all of his egregious campaigning for democrats (the real crime), Goldman was one of the very few within the city’s power structure to truly REACH OUT to anyone other than the usual CEO power brokers, City Hall insiders and select neighborhood associations.”

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