Thursday, November 03, 2005

A Stab at Political "Sincerity"

To bolster the Richmond Times-Dispatch’s endorsement of Jerry Kilgore, Editorial Page Editor Ross Mackenzie (depicted on the right) used the top of today’s OpEd Page to hurl scorn at Tim Kaine’s integrity. In his almost sneaky piece Mackenzie served up the same twisted/cynical argument that Tom DeLay’s attorney Dick DeGuerin successfully employed down in Texas to have a judge replaced -- claiming the judge can't do his job because he has some history of supporting Democrats in elections.

So, does this mean a judge who is a Yankees fan should not hear a case in which the defendant is a Red Sox fan? If you went to Tech you can't be trusted to sit on a jury if the defendant went to UVA?

Mackenzie and DeLay are both using the old argument-against-the-man ploy; they assert that anything their opponents say will be tainted because of who they are. They say their enemies, Democrats, by their nature are simply incapable of being honest.

Well, I say both men are looking at the world through a win-at-any-price-tinted lens. In matters political this partisan tint prevents either of them from recognizing the difference between honesty and Shinola; they assume everybody cheats to win.

Consequently, these apes see, hear and speak right-wing "talking points" no matter what happens on any given day. As high-profile Republicans line up for their days in court in DeeCee and Texas -- charged with crimes of dishonesty -- here in Richmond Mackenzie stoops to decry Democrat Tim Kaine’s lack of “sincerity.”

“...Kaine also tries to present as the centrist he is not. He is a liberal (my emphasis), no question. ...If elected, would Kaine revert to the views he has held on a death penalty moratorium and tax referendums? Would he follow through on what he insists are his convictions -- or not? Only when elected, and too late, would Virginians learn what he really believes?”

Mackenzie’s attack on Kaine is at best boilerplate. Maybe the editor should go back to writing his so-called Random Walks, rants about unconnected topics in which he flings yesterday's blather in every direction, trying to be funny.
(Illustration by F. T. Rea)


Scott said...

Although Kaine is to blame for Jamison, so is the Times Dispatch, the Richmond Renaissance, and the local corporates that cheerleaded him into office.

I find it disgusting how ROSS MACKENZIE, a miserable excuse for a conservative columnist, ignores this and concentrates on Kaine.

"Kaine found Calvin Jamison in the private sector and orchestrated his selection as city manager. How odd, then, that Kaine should have been dubbed with the gubernatorial endorsement of Doug Wilder, who has made no secret of his disdain for Jamison's abilities as a key element in his rationale for a revised Richmond form of government. Despite Kaine's best efforts as mayor, this is indisputable: He left office with city taxpayers yelping and with Richmond's reputation in education and public safety -- the two areas perhaps most central to any city's vitality and viability -- in the pits."

F.T. Rea said...

Scott: In my book Jamison was a flop. I don't know if Kaine regrets his call on that. He was also an enthusiastic backer of the overblown VAPAF plan for the now fizzling Performing Arts Center. Now, upon further review I wonder if he still thinks that was a smart move. Perfect he's not. I hope he remembers what bad advice sounds like. Still, in this race he is easily the far better man. If Kaine wins I think he will make an excellent governor.