Monday, November 21, 2005

Kudos to Save Richmond

The Virginia Coalition for Open Government has awarded the Laurence E. Richardson Freedom of Information Award to Save Richmond for its tireless effort to shine a light on some of the darker aspects of the Virginia Performing Arts Foundation story. Richmonders should be grateful for what Save Richmond's Don Harrison and Andrew Beaujon have contributed to the dialogue. Bloggers everywhere should take heart at what they accomplished with determination and a web site.

Meanwhile, following the shuffling of the cards that Mayor Doug Wilder has given the performing arts center business, what has Save Richmond got to say about how the new game has been played, so far? Here's what:

"For followers of the arts center saga who have been saving up tossable rotten fruit lo these last few months, I present to you a most inviting target - Martin J. Rust. Perhaps no single individual other than Jim Ukrop and poor Brad Armstrong is more responsible for the gaping hole on Broad, the lights being turned off at the Carpenter Center, and the general pervasive acrimony than is Mr. Rust."

Click here to read the Save Richmond post about the awkward departure of Rust.

It’s a mystery to me why Wilder hasn’t made a point of also recognizing the positive role that Harrison and Beaujon have played in revealing the arrogance and folly of the VAPAF's plan and its practices. Why isn't one of them on the new board devoted to picking up the pieces? Hizzoner should look again at what Save Richmond's workhorses have contributed to saving Richmond from another publicly-financed fiasco.
(Photo Credit F. T. Rea)

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Ross said...

I mean they are just two "whinny guys with a website" are they not? I kid, I kid.

Honestly it probably has something to do with the negative connotation that "blogger" still has. I mean isn't investigative journalism the job of the main stream media? Appointing a rogue investigator with a blog to an important city board would be a public acknowledgment that, well, the RTD got served.

But I totally agree with you. It would be great to see the people devoted to *saving* Richmond in a better position to do it.