Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Who Needs The Bijou?

Some people, those who want to do more than survive -- by consuming and discarding indiscriminately -- need art in their lives. Beyond their basic needs and material comfort, their happiness is tied to appreciating artistic expressions -- paintings, sculpture, music, dance, writing, movies, etc.

Of course, once folks are exposed to art in its various forms, they inevitably make comparisons and develop preferences. While many will continuously attempt to duplicate pleasant experiences with art, in whatever medium, others will look more deeply into it and ask questions. They are the seekers.

To amuse themselves, persistent seekers will uncover and follow what seem to be threads to different manifestations of art, sometimes it's experimental art that challenges the establishment. The most relentless of seekers sometimes band together to share their quests for finding better entertainment, perhaps even a touch of enlightenment.

In Richmond, the most devout seekers of art on film currently need to have a place to gather their energies to focus on their common quest. They need a center for the appreciation of cinematic art. They need a new place to watch good movies, old and new, and exchange their thoughts with one another over beer or coffee ... maybe even a wee bite to eat.

They need The Bijou.

Yes, film buffs, this is a teaser; it’s the first post about a project that’s in the works. Soon, more posts will follow at SLANTblog to explain what, when and where The Bijou will be.

Maybe the who will include you?

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