Saturday, November 03, 2012

Extra Maudlin Sauce on that BBQ, please

The laughable Obama killed Bill’s BBQ ad (above) put out by the Romney camp, blaming the president’s policies for the failure of that out-of-date restaurant chain, is a perfect symbol of what Romney has served up to voters this year: Denial of reality heaped upon denial, slathered with a maudlin longing for another time’s lost amenities. A simpler time in which time-clock punchers blithely swallowed whatever guff they were told to eat.

Click here to read more about this Mitt Romney campaign ad at the Richmond Times-Dispatch, with lots of funny comments under the article.

Put simply, that political commercial reeks of the same galling phoniness Romney's campaign has been selling this entire year. It smells like Romney's reasons for not releasing his tax return information. It's reminiscent of the GOP's phony slogan for its convention -- We Built It!

Come to think of it, though, since Hurricane Sandy passed through, I haven't heard any Republicans bashing Obama with that We Built It! slogan.

Some would probably say it's too bad Romney’s staff didn't do a little research, before it crafted that absurd ad. With a few phone calls anyone in his camp could have discovered that most Richmonders of any political stripe gave up on Bill’s many years before Obama took office. Before closing up for good, Bill’s had been making lame barbecue sandwiches for a long time.

Then again, maybe the cynical political ad-makers knew all that, but they just didn't care. After all, they had a weepy lady who wanted to blame Obama. That was enough.

My guess is, this particular commercial will be remembered by some who chronicle the history of political campaign propaganda as a humorous and noteworthy low point for 2012.  

Anybody need more sauce?

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