Thursday, August 30, 2012

Memo to Tampa

Yes, we did build it.

We built libraries and courthouses. We built schools and roads. We built bridges and dams. We built water works and mass transit systems. We built armed services to protect you from harm. We built national parks to protect nature from you.

We, the people, have done all that to help you build businesses, or have jobs, and pursue the interests that make you happy. Seems like the least you folks could do is say, “thanks.”

Instead, you brag that you did it all by yourselves.

Instead, you flaunt a loathing for the government that facilitated the building of all that infrastructure. The same government that stands ready to extinguish a fire burning up one of your homes, while y'all are away in Tampa, wearing funny hats and celebrating the awesome power of your collective greed and anger.

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Sea Side Sue said...

Even most Republicans will acknowledge the value of physical infrastructure, but elected governments also provide rule of law (contracts enforced), availabilty of educated workers, peaceful power transitions, public health and safety and many, many other benefits. These government activities are not about income redistribution. They are done to remove barriers to competition.
Where countries do not have this public context (think Haiti), all the effort and originality in the world will not build a successful business.