Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Wisconsin: Politics as usual, or a tipping point?

Rather than promote a program or a candidate, in the new millennium voters are routinely inundated with advertising that was designed to make them loose faith in democracy and ignore the voting process. To Republicans, bad weather on election day is a good thing. Rain or shine, the GOP also likes to use robo-call campaigns to give voters bum steers on election day.

Traditionally, low turnouts do favor Republicans, so it‘s no wonder they have also been concentrating so much on making it harder to vote in lots of states.

In 2012, have Wisconsin’s voters been grossed out by an avalanche of lying political ads? Will they just stay at home today? In tough economic times, will citizens in Wisconsin who are pissed off that so much money can be poured into an ugly struggle for power stay home, too?

Stemming from that avalanche, can voters be convinced that instead of greedy bankers, teachers and firefighters are actually the villains responsible for today's economic woes? Or, have we reached a tipping point with politics as usual?

Perhaps none of the conventional wisdom about turnouts will apply to 2012. 

Tonight Wisconsin will provide some answers.

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