Friday, June 22, 2012

Etch-A-Sketching a new Romney

When I hear Mitt Romney saying he will work with Democrats to find permanent solutions I have to laugh.

Who is he kidding?

Romney is going to work with Democrats like John Boehner has? Like Eric Cantor has? Like Mitch McConnell has?

Muscular Tea Party Republicans don't "work" with Democrats. They brag about their intransigence!

Etch-A-Sketch erasing aside, the Romney who was debating the other Republican hopefuls a few months ago wasn't talking about consulting Democrats for anything. Speaking of those debates, is Romney still talking about "self-deportation"?

Here's the truth: When you won’t take a step toward common ground, when you refuse to budge an inch, you're not “working” with anybody else.

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