Monday, April 02, 2012

About THAT art show on Monument Ave.

Regarding the children’s art display on Monument Ave. that has been in the local news, this statement was released on Monday morning from Charles Samuels, who represents the 2nd District on City Council:
I've had discussions with representatives from Art180 and Venture Richmond and it is my understanding that those two groups have worked together and we have resolution for the murals during Easter on Parade on Monument Avenue. It appears the murals may have to be temporarily moved but the parties are working together to ensure they are still visible.

I appreciate the calls and emails from citizens voicing their position on this matter. It is my belief that the City will honor its commitments and I am sure the Administration is working towards a decision on the issue of permits for this public art display.
Samuels' official email address is:

Meanwhile, wasn’t the City of Richmond saying the art display must come down by Friday, because its presence would conflict with the Easter Parade festivities on Sunday? In this scenario, isn't a mistake at City Hall to blame for this scheduling problem? It doesn't seem Art180 did anything wrong.

If that’s the case, if need be, couldn't some of the art be moved, temporarily, and all of it go back in place on Monday? Or, does the biggest problem with the Art180 children’s art show actually stem from a handful of complaints about the alleged inappropriateness of the art show, itself?

As long as it seems to pit the City of Richmond against children, this unflattering story about Richmond's trouble with art in the public way is only going to get bigger.


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