Friday, April 13, 2012

Aroused Republicans rise to defend motherhood

Most Republicans know perfectly well that an artless comment about Ann Romney‘s work history, made by an obscure cable television pundit, was not representative of policies or attitudes at the White House. Hilary Rosen's words were not an indication of a wave of national sentiment on the part of Democrats.

Rosen wasn’t speaking on CNN for anyone other than herself. She is just one of a legion of talking heads who are paid to opine off the cuff on cable television. And, she's one of the lesser known yappers, at that.

Calling Rosen's silly comment an "attack" on Mitt Romney's wife fools no one. Mrs. Romney wasn't called a "slut." Moreover, no one attacked motherhood.

But because Republican propagandists, both amateur and professional, know that the recent actions of rightwing Governors and state lawmakers all over the country have exacerbated an already serious problem with women voters, we get another angry avalanche of howling false equivalencies.

Who really believes this contrived flap will cause any of the women who demonstrated their disapproval of legislation, to do with abortion in Virginia a few weeks ago -- some were arrested -- to change their minds about voting against Republicans in November?

So, once again, all the sound and fury coming from rightwingers on their high horses amounts to preaching to the choir and little more. It will not make the gathering notion of a GOP-directed War on Women in 2012 go away.

Stating false equivalencies, even about politics, is still just another form of lying.

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