Wednesday, February 15, 2012

If a fetus is a human being...

Once Virginia’s new personhood law passes and is in place, it seems anything that could be construed to have contributed to a miscarriage could be used in a wrongful death lawsuit. Perhaps it could be used as evidence in a manslaughter trial.  

So, to steer clear of being hauled into court, pregnant women in Virginia would need to avoid any activity that might put their fetus-person in jeopardy. Here are some helpful suggestions of what not to do: Forget about work or risky recreational activity outside the home. No bicycle riding or automobile driving, because you could get in a wreck. Oh, and forget that happy hour cocktail … it could be construed to be child abuse.

While Virginians in the armed services risk their lives to diminish the fanatical Taliban’s cruel power over women in Afghanistan, Virginia’s Republican Party -- the Virginia Taliban? -- is working hard to diminish the rights of women right here in the Old Dominion.

Moreover, if a fetus is a human being, to perform what is now a legal abortion in the first trimester would seem to make the doctor a murderer and the patient an accomplice. Using some forms of contraception would be tantamount to an abortion, so pharmacists…

Perhaps Del. Bob Marshall (depicted above) would point out that his bizarre bill to redefine what human being means in Virginia is a jobs program, because new prisons will need to be built and lots of new guards will need to be hired.

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