Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wallowing in national attention: 'Eat Crow, Baby!'

Yes, this weekend Richmond has two teams in San Antonio to play basketball. No, ESPN experts notwithstanding, they aren't in one of the also-ran tournaments; the Rams and Spiders are participants in the NCAA's Southwest Regional. They are dancing.

Want to read about this unprecedented development? Here are some links that will keep you busy:
  • Click here to read "Richmond enjoying unprecedented spotlight thanks to Rams, Spiders" at Sports Illustrated.
  • Click here to read "Rally in Richmond takes jab at Dickie V: 'Eat Crow, Baby!'" at USA Today.
  • Click here to read "Richmond, VCU ponder ways to keep coaches from jumping jobs" at USA Today.
  • Click here to read “NCAA tournament gives VCU and Richmond something in common” by Steve Yanda for the Washington Post.
  • Click here to read "Rams befuddle opponents and experts, alike" at the Fan District Hub.
  • Click here to read "VCU fan’s Sweet 16 week on the road" by Dan Steinberg for the Washington Post.

  • Click here to read "Florida State showing VCU lots of respect" at the Miami Herald.
  • Click here to read "A little (light-hearted) background on VCU" at the San Antonio Express-News.
  • To wind this up, click here to read a sour grapes piece from the Crimson White in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, "NCAA selection committee should judge success, not RPI."

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