Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rams dance while Hokies sit this one out

Five of Virginia's 14 D-I basketball programs are in the NCAA tournament. They are Hampton, Mason, ODU, Richmond and VCU. Three of them qualified by winning their conference’s tournament. Two received at-large bids. But no ACC members.

Hokies fans wonder how in the world the NCAA selection committee could have left Va. Tech off of the list of 37 at-large invitees to the Big Dance. ESPN's basketball experts remain baffled, even outraged, but not at all flabbergasted. While praising Tech, and others, they've been beating up on VCU like it's the unwashed hobo that wandered into a fancy party at the country club.

For more on all this please click here to read my piece, "Dancing in March is Sweet," at Richmond.com.

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