Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Kool-Aid runneth over

Here's the latest in political news, according to a delusional quorum of Saturday Night Live Republicans:
Barack Obama has been president for four weeks and he hasn't closed Gitmo. Neither have the troops come home from the war in Iraq, which, of course, was caused by flaccid Clinton administration policies toward terrorism.

Therefore, Obama is officially a fraud!

Suddenly, America's future looks like hell-struck-with-a-club. In the Obama era, we can't even trust peanut butter. And, don't even us started on the financial meltdown that unions and liberals in congress totally caused.

Change? Ha! Crank up the impeachment bandwagon!
Times may be tough, but it seems America's largest pitcher of Kool-Aid runneth over...

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Tom Sanchez Prunier said...

I keep thinking the right wing (for entertainment purposes only) will run out of steam, or at least isn't pacing itself for the next eight years. Still, they cease to amaze me with their tenacity, obstinately casting the issue at hand aside to scream about... something.

Meanwhile, the rest of America is working on personal and community levels like never before to do what it can to remediate the mess the past eight years have wrought.

Still, Kool Aid is tasty, especially on a warm day.