Monday, December 08, 2008

The Redskins blues

Days are getting shorter. Selling words is getting harder to do. Don't care how many shopping days are left, as I don't go shopping. Glad as I am that Obama won, this eerie lull between presidents -- an interregnum? -- isn't helping to cheer me up.

On the Frisbee-Golf course it's too damn cold (sorry Paul Woody, maybe we'll play on a day like this in February, but probably not until we're more acclimated to the winter).

Then there's the hangover from the Washington Redskins' lackluster performance in Baltimore last night. In losing the fourth of their last five outings, the Redskins managed to make the Ravens look like a juggernaut along the lines of Vince Lombardi's Packers, or perhaps Chuck Noll's Steelers: Baltimore 24, Washington 10.

Injuries have played a role in the collapse the 'Skins have experienced. But they are always part of any season. At least nobody on the roster has been shot to death this year, so far. Yeah, they could have used Sean Taylor out there last night.

In a nutshell: Washington can't score points. In scoring, Zorn's offense is ranked 29th in a 32-team league. It seems that whatever was working in September and October doesn't work anymore. Since the league's bright assistants analyzed and adjusted to what the Redskins were doing in their early season success, it seems Zorn has no answers to those adjustments.

Or, is it that the lines, both offense and defense, are simply below average in the NFL, talent-wise? Maybe some of the linemen are past their prime, or even finished. And, with injuries the team is getting worse, because the young backups aren't ready and may never be.

Rather than "Hail to the Redskins," right now it feels like Redskins fans will be singing the blues for the rest of December.

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