Monday, December 29, 2008

Atheist or Christian president?

Speaking of religion, politics and inauguration invocations, Rebus, the only official spokesdog for SLANTblog wonders:

In the long run, wouldn't it be safer for us to have an atheist president with his finger on the button -- nuclear oblivion! -- than a Christian president, who truly believes in a heavenly afterlife?
An afterlife that is a better place? Uh-oh! Might an atheist president care more about the real life we are living now on Earth than a Christian president?

-- Art and words by F. T. Rea


Paul H said...

How do you classify the President elect? He, himself pleads Christianity.

F.T. Rea said...

Paul H,

Obama says he's a Christian. And, of course, there are many shades of that faith. He also seems to have a firm grasp grasp on reality. I have no idea what conflicts might exist in his private mind, to do with his faith.

But for my money, the less formally religious a president is the better.

The fact that Richmond was where the revolutionary idea of separating church and state was first cobbled into law is something this Richmonder takes pride in.