Thursday, March 06, 2008

Hillary's Commander-in-Chief threshold?

The Hillary Clinton newest strategy-of-the-day has been to establish a Commander-in-Chief "threshold," then declare herself and John McCain as having resumes that meet that new standard, while she questions Barack Obama’s resume. This ploy stinks to high heaven.

If the Democrats interested in rebuilding their political party are in touch with reality, then Clinton’s rather desperate tactic in this case should be branded as "out-of-bounds." For her to one day entertain the notion of Obama as her running mate, then the next day claim his readiness to be president seems less adequate than the current Republican candidate’s is rather bipolar.

How can Hillary Clinton say both things hours apart and not be called squirrelly? Who the hell wants a squirrelly Commander-in-Chief?

For loyal Democrats, is Clinton’s stand in this off-the-wall attempt to undermine support for Obama different enough from Joe Lieberman’s, who has already broken with the Democratic Party and endorsed McCain?

And, once she focuses on this angle, who thinks Hillary Clinton’s actual credentials as a foreign policy/military expert are equal to former POW, longtime U.S. Senator John McCain's?

Dig it: Before Clinton's time as a U.S. Senator (since 2001), her only view of such matters was as the wife of a president. Moreover, while resumes are nice, and always worth looking at, isn't a potential president’s judgment and world view sometimes more important?

Otherwise, in 1992, when Bill Clinton, with no military service whose Commander-in-Chief credibility stemmed only from having been governor of Arkansas, ran against George H.W. Bush, who had been a pilot in WWII, served as a congressman, headed up the CIA, been both vice president and president, well, it seems Hillary would have had a real dilemma on her hands.

If smart Democrats interested in winning in November are paying attention, this brouhaha should be making an alarm go off.

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