Monday, February 18, 2008

The Connecticut Watch

With the R-Braves leaving The Diamond, Richmond is looking for a new baseball team. And, sculptor Paul DiPasquale's large Native American figure, "Connecticut," has to be looking for a new home.
...The RMA, which has represented the combined wills of the jurisdictions of Richmond (six votes), Chesterfield (two votes) and Henrico (two votes) since 1966, owns and operates The Diamond. RMA general manager Mike Berry said, "Now the playing condition is as good as you'll find."

DiPasquale's Connecticut is also owned by the RMA. So, what will happen to the sculpture when the Braves vamoose? Nobody knows, yet. Meanwhile, here's how it came to find a home at The Diamond:
Finished in 1983, the original plan was for the piece to sit atop a building in Washington, D.C., at the intersection of Calvert Street and Connecticut Avenue.

When DiPasquale's Plan A unexpectedly unraveled, Plan B had the piece looking out over the roof of Best Products' corporate headquarters, near Ashland, for a couple of years.
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-- Photo by F.T. Rea

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