Monday, January 21, 2008

Lee Jackoway, TV syndication pioneer dies

An old boss of mine at WRNL (AM and FM radio), Leland Jackoway, master adman, died Tues., Jan. 15. He was 78.

My fondest memories of Jackoway are of times he would hold court, telling the young DJs and salesmen colorful stories of his freewheeling days as a salesman, working for Ziv Television. He was a national sales rep for half-hour TV shows, such as "Sea Hunt" and "Home Run Derby." Traveling to markets large and small Lee sold the shows directly to local affiliates on 16 mm reels, out of the trunk of his car.

As I have sold advertising for all sorts of independently produced print and broadcast projects since Jackoway was my mentor, I have thought of what he taught me about advertising and the basics of making a presentation many times.

Throughout decades of his years traveling as a salesman, and his retirement, Jackoway had made his home here in Richmond. He is survived by Mary Ellen Reinhard Jackoway, his wife of 57 years.

Due to the magic of the Internet, I was contacted by Advertising Age to comment on my time working for Lee at the radio station in 1971. This stint included the time in which the Richmond News Leader was turning over ownership of the AM and FM stations to Rust Communications.

Click here to read Lee Jackoway's obituary in Advertising Age.

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