Monday, January 28, 2008

Jan 28: VA Top Five

Each Monday SLANTblog's Virginia Top Five for men’s college basketball is published. It attempts to rank what seems on that day to be the best five teams from among the 14 Division I programs in the Commonwealth.

This week Virginia lost two games and Va. Tech went 1-1, so they exchanged spots.

SLANTblog's VA Top Five

1. VCU (15-4, 8-1 in CAA, No. 57 RPI)
2. Mason (14-6, 6-3 in CAA, No. 60 RPI)
3. Va. Tech (12-8, 3-3 in ACC, No.75 RPI)
4. Virginia (11-7, 1-4 in ACC, No. 109 RPI)
5. Hampton (11-6, 5-0 in MEAC, No. 111 RPI)

Here's an excerpt of my piece at on VCU's Saturday win over Drexel at the Siegel Center:
On Saturday evening, early in the second half of the regionally televised Division I basketball game at the Siegel Center, VCU's Eric Maynor sliced through Drexel's retreating junk defense for four layups in a mere five-minute stretch
Click here to read "Rams Roll."

-- RPI numbers from RealTime RPI, as of Monday at noon.

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hoobie said...

Well, I am sorry I gave you a hard time about UVA's position in the poll earlier in the season. You were right all along. Please accept my humble apologies.

Although I do have a gripe with the Cavs position this week. #4, are you kidding me? I cannot believe they are even in the top 5. There has to be another team out there, somewhere in the state, more worthy than the 'Hoos.