Monday, February 26, 2007

Virginia soap blog-opera’s bad actors

No doubt, there are bad bloggers on all sides of however the so-called aisle is configured. There are bloggers who are blowhards, bad spellers, knuckleheads and copycats from right to left, from one end of the political spectrum to the other. But can anyone remember when a blogger, who was generally accepted to be a Democrat, or liberal, went postal with their complaint they had been “banned” from commenting at another blog?

Those who follow Virginia’s soap blog-opera probably have noticed that the small-but-noisy SWAC, or Castle, group of bloggers has -- since Christmas! -- been promoting itself by picking fights with respected/popular bloggers, such as the liberal Waldo Jaquith and the conservative Shaun Kenney, among other others. This same gang of the willing has thrown rotting red herrings at any blogger, no matter their political persuasion, who opposed the gang.

Eschewing how pathetically wannabe it sounds, they have insisted relentlessly that certain bloggers stop ignoring them. They have attempted to force-feed obnoxious or grotesque material onto other people’s web sites, then cried foul when their tactics were deemed out-of-bounds. Like brats crying “that’s not fair,” whenever they don’t get their way, these bad actors have cried about their “freedom of speech” being trampled.

Perhaps it has happened. I’m not a political blogging historian, such as Alice Marshall at GOTV appears to be. Perhaps she knows the answer to my query -- in Virginia, has a liberal blogger ever thrown tantrums over being banned from commenting at conservative blogs?

Also, is this same curious phenomenon going on in other states? Is there a method to this virtual madness?


Anonymous said...

Progressives have long since given up on such folly. Over at "Redstate", the only Conservative Community blog of note, straying from the dittohead, propaganda catapult is cause for instant, summary dismissal.

You can't even pretend to have an opinion over there if it didn't come directly from RNC talking points or this afternoon's Rush diatribe.

The question that remains for me is whether or not Progressive bloggers SHOULD throw a fit over this. I mean, despite the fact that it makes Chris and the General and SWAC Girl look like a bunch of crybabies and lunatics, it is an excellent example of teamwork and organizing.

I don't respect their message, means, or milquetoast whining, but they do stay organized and they are on message, like all dittoheads.

Ya gotta respect the discipline.

F.T. Rea said...


Never having been a part of a blogging team I don’t know why I ought to admire the organization or discipline you cite. Actually, to me, it seems sort of weird to even want to be a disciplined blogger. It would be turning an avocation into a chore.